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Customers can avail from us graphite crucible for vacuum casting machine in numerous sizes and grades. These products have high temperature and pressure bearing capacity and are suitable for quality melting and hence, widely demanded by maker of chains. Clients can avail these pouring graphite crucibles in various varieties. Graphite crucible can be used for graphite crucible gold, graphite crucible silver, graphite crucible brass, graphite crucible for sale.

The main purpose of the graphite melting crucible is to heat the experimental material that needs to be heated. Generally, the graphite crucible is used to heat the solid material in the experiment. The graphite crucible has a variety of models. The crucible can be selected according to the number and type of materials to be heated and the degree of thermal expansion

WHY YOU MAY WANT TO BUY OUR PRODUCT (Graphite Crucible for Vacuum Casting machine)

Our company is engaged in manufacturing of Cylindrical Type Graphite Crucibles . We aim to procure only factory-tested raw material. Our team also use cutting-edge technology to produce graphite crucibles that will last for a long period of time. Customers can avail our range of graphite crucibles in various specifications.

Please feel free to contact us in case you require non-standard custom size & design of crucible or larger quantities. You can also visit our main website to find out more information.


We deliver all our products all over the world (and have been since 2004) and therefore we have vast experience in professional packaging, to keep a high level of customer satisfaction we insure that every product is packed to a professional standard. Furthermore in the highly unlikely event, of parcel being damaged in transit we offer a replacement at no extra cost!


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